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Escape the long arm of the law, in this heart-jumping, exciting shooter game. Protect your stolen armor car by shooting at the police trailing you from behind. Move quickly. They fire at the truck relentlessly, which depletes the health of the truck. If you run out of ammo, you automatically reload, but it takes about four seconds--and you're wide open the entire time. Shoot to aim with care. Don't just fire in the air. Make sure the target is on a cop or police vehicle. As levels progress, the cops are harder to kill, and come in larger waves. When you beat a level, you earn money to upgrade your weapon. Try to heal your truck as often as possible. Try to earn enough to get more firepower for higher levels. If you lose, you have the choice to replay the same level with everything intact, to restart from level 1, or to start all over again. Try to win the game trophies by performing certain actions in the game. You win for things such as killing innocent people, killing a certain number of cops, and so forth. Keep the loot, and protect your truck!


Use the mouse to aim the gun, and shoot.

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