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In this tasty cake making cooking game, you are preparing lovely wedding cakes! There are two modes of play--Freestyle and Challenge mode. In freestyle mode, you start from the bottom; choosing the cake shape, mixing the ingredients, and the best part--cake decoration! Create dazzling displays of different layer colors, and additions such as roses or fruit! Customize the size of the cake decorations, patterns, and more to create the ultimate wedding cake! When you're done, save your masterpiece, upload it to the cake album, or try again! In challenge mode, things are a little different. This time, the cake bases are pre-made, and it's up to you to memorize what the customer asks for. You have ten seconds to memorize, and 3 tries to sneak a peek at what the customer asked for. When you think you've gotten it right, click ok! On the next screen, you're scored and graded. The more you memorize, the better your score! You can also save the cake, or use it as an avatar! Happy baking!


Use the mouse to point, click, and choose options in the game.

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