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This interesting puzzle game pulls you into the world of atom experiments. You must eliminate all existing atoms by aligning them and clicking one to release particles. Pay close attention to the arrows in each atom. It indicates how many particles will shoot in the direction the arrows are pointing. Once the particles hit an atom, it will explode and release it's own particles. Control the speed of the atoms by your mouse cursor. Remember--the closer the cursor, the slower the atoms. Move it far away to make them go faster. Try and time the clicks and positions of the atoms. Each experiment level has its own number of allowed clicks. Aim for the highest score by looking for the maximum atom chain first. If you fail, you must retry the level. Progression is based on matching the clicks or lowering the amount it takes to get rid of all the atoms. Unlock achievements for tasks such as clicking under par (using fewer clicks to complete a level), finishing atom sections, and more. You can also replay levels to get a better score. Solve the puzzles and the world's problems in a few clicks!


Use the mouse to click, to create chain reactions from exploded atoms. Use the mouse cursor to control atom rotation speed.

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