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We’re in the year 2048 and the world has suffered dramatic changes! Monsters have taken over authority and it is your responsibility, the last human alive, to face their cruel existence. Unfortunately, they don’t go down easily, but there is a trick that you can use: the more you blow-away in a single shot, the quicker you will get rid of them. Monsters of all forms and colors usually stand in rows and columns but not in groups, according to their race. However, you can manipulate them vertically or horizontally in order for them to meet at least three in a chain, chance for you to blast them off. It doesn’t seem hard, does it? The best part is that you can also find bombs that have remained unexploded from the past battle humanity had with these monsters and you can use them to blow everything around them.


Match 3 monsters of the same color and shape to release them. Match more monsters for more bonuses. Try to get a higher score to advance to the next level. TIPS: 1. Bombs blow away everything around them. 2. The STAR blows the entire row and column. 3. White stripes over the monsters blow away vertically or horizontally the entire row or column.

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