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Underworld takes you into a completely new world full of evil vampires, possessed wild dogs and the most gruesome creatures imaginable. As one of the fiercest and toughest warriors around, your mission is to explore this dark and fearsome territory, encountering some of the most unique characters along the way. Quest by quest you progress through the world, making important allegiances, gaining special skills and experience points until you can become the ultimate champion of the underworld. This is traditional RPG fantasy gaming at its very best and appeals to old and new gamers alike. It has a huge amount of content, ensuring that you will never get bored and will remain enthralled in the wonders of Underworld. The short tutorial means you can jump straight into the storyline. As you complete missions set to you by the characters you meet along the way you gain experience points, which can be used to develop special skills. There are regular, weekly content updates to keep users engaged and excited. There are also regular promos and special item discounts to keep the fun going!


Follow the in game tutorial.

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