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In this blazing side-scrolling game, you are a ninja, and you're on the run beating up all the bad guys with your super cool moves. They've burned your village, and they're capturing the locals! You must save them! Run, jump, attack, and throw your shuriken to slash through waves of enemies with no mercy! Blow up creeps with bombs! Use combos to bring down harder enemies! The more enemies you fight, the more experience you will gain. Break barrels to collect food items to replenish your health bar. Once you beat a level, you will also unlock new characters. The game automatically saves itself after you've passed a level, but you can always pause to save yourself. Visit the Village hideout to buy items with coins you've collected. You can purchase weapons, potions, and bombs. The fate of the village is in your hands. Can you save the people, and bring justice back to the land?


Use the arrow keys to move. Press A to use attack 1. Use S to use attack 2. Use D to throw the shuriken. Use Q to cycle through weapons. W to throw bombs. E to drink health potion.

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