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Join Wolverine in this thrilling action platform game, as he navigates through a holding facility to help other mutants escape! Use your adimantium claws to scale ceilings and slice and dice robots and wires as you make it through each level. Dodge cameras and lasers while you try to find exits and holding cells. Robots scale some floors, and you're given a small amount of time to destroy them before alarms go off. Avoid falling on lasers and getting caught by cameras. Each time you get caught, you lose a thousand points from your score. The faster you move and complete a level, the higher your score will be. Remember, you can't exit some levels until you help fellow mutants escape. Check panels to find codes to open locked doors, and be sure to memorize them correctly. Master clinging to ceilings, making sure your body is pressed to the ceiling. If your feet are hanging, you can still get caught. Can you escape all ten levels in time?


Space bar-- attack, open doors, activate panels Arrow keys--use left and right to move, up to jump/hide on the ceiling, and down to jump down.

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