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This fun platform puzzle game will keep you on your toes, as you infest human beings to do your will to complete levels. There are 1 or more humans per level to help you get to high places or move heavy objects. You must infest their heads to get them to work. Once you have them under your control, you can use them to the fullest advantage. Most levels have spikes that will kill both you and the host. As soon as you land on them, you will have to start over. Try your best to avoid them as quickly as possible. The levels are all about cunning, fast thinking, and good timing. Some are very straightforward, while others may require a replay a few times to get each move right. If that happens, just reset and try again.


Arrow keys to move. Z or Up arrow key to Jump X to take control of a human. C to release the blob from a human. R to reset the level.

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