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In this action platform game, creepy alien monsters have crossed over into our world, and it's up to you to shoot and destroy them. Jump, dodge, and blast your way across 18 levels of non-stop action, collecting coins along the way to upgrade weapons, armor, and health points. Unlock new characters and achievements along the way. Save your coins to get the best weapons, armor, and books. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages with firing range and damage dealt. If you get hit by an enemy or their fire, you lose a health bar on your battery. If you fall on spikes, your health continues to decrease until you move. If you die, you'll have to start the level over! Some attacks against monsters require constant fire until they're evaporated. Some monsters need to be shot multiple times before they die. Some will follow you onscreen, requiring you to shoot and move away at the same time. You can always return to a level to replay, or start where you left off. Send those aliens back to where they came from, and close the portal!


Use the W A S D keys or the arrow keys to move. W, K, X and up key are for jumping. L and C shoot. Press U to open the game menu to make purchases.

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