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In this fun, cute platform game, you are the Robot, and you and Puppy are trying to get to Happy Ice Cream Planet for a sweet treat. Once you arrive, you're surrounded by dangerous robots! You must get through them to get to the tasty ice cream! There are two levels of play--normal and madcap. Madcap is much more difficult. Normal play has the regular amount of robot enemies, and is the best for beginners. As you play, you will acquire weapons and abilities. In the meantime, you must avoid enemies! If you get hit, five seconds will be added to your time. If you get hit three times, you will be destroyed. It's best to hit enemies and dodge their attacks at the same time. You must move quickly! Some will follow you, or shoot rays that constantly deplete your health. To save and quit while playing, press the ESC key. The Transmatter Computron also saves your progress and rebuilds you after accidents. There are also all kinds of powerups in the game. Each one tells you what it does once you pick it up. If you forget, use the mouse to be reminded what it does. As you play, things you do will unlock achievements. There are ten in all. Can you help Robot and Puppy get their ice cream and save the world?


Move: LEFT and RIGHT Arrow Keys Jump: UP Arrow Key or Z Shoot: X To save and quit: press the ESC key. Pause: P

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