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Get ready to shoot up the bad guys, and save your friends in this exciting and fast-paced platform shooter game! Shoot them before they shoot you. Try to anticipate their moves, and get the first shot to take them down quickly. Some enemies are armed with batons, and others have guns like you. The enemies with guns are much more aggressive. Remember to reload, once you run out of ammo. Don't leave yourself wide open to attacks. That's the best way to get killed quickly. Some levels also have robots. The robots will shoot to kill. They usually have nothing on them, but killed enemies might have new guns and ammo. Complete levels to get kills, experience, and cash. Use the cash to upgrade weapons. The more levels you complete, the more missions you will be able to take on. If you get killed, you can revive yourself if you have enough money. If you do not, you will have to start the level all over again.


W,A,S,D,keys - To Move. (hold down for a second then jump for super-jump) Mouse key - To control attack direction / Left Click Attack 1,2,3,4,E - To switch weapons R - To reload G - To drop weapon Q - To see current condition and set up Space bar - To switch to communicate or Drive or Transport B - To buy weapons while near shop

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