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Gumball and Darwin are two goofy brothers who love to come up with stupid, goofy games to play. In this platform adventure, you're their sister Anais! It's your job to keep them safe from the dangerous obstacles in each level by blowing your whistle. The object of the game is to make sure Gumball and Darwin remain blindfolded, and bump into each other. Each brother has their own special weakness, which causes an instant game over! Gumball can't fall from high spaces, and Darwin can't get pricked by the cactus. Help the two brothers run into one another by setting up boxes, springs, and more! If you get stuck on a level, you can skip ahead, or replay until you get it right! Sometimes you have to move quickly, re-using objects or setting up things so the brothers can jump or climb over. To get the best rating, make sure to collect all of the rainbows in each level. The more rainbows, the higher the rating.


Use the arrow keys to move. Use the S button to pick up and drop items. Use the spacebar to start and stop Darwin and Gumball.

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