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In this fun, interesting platform game, you are Mr. Clumsy. Your job is to find the keys inside the haunted house. As you progress, the levels get trickier and complicated. There will be harder obstacles to find the keys, traps that will kill you, and moving spikes and platforms to make moving around difficult. Some levels require precise timing in jumping and running. Others require a strategy to avoid losing a life. You have four lives in all, and every time you get hit, you lose one. You can regain all of them by finding hearts scattered throughout each level of the game. Kill zombies and zap switches with the power of your gamma ray. Trip floor switches by jumping on them. Collect coins and treasures to pump up your score! Can you escape the haunted house, and get to the new town?


Use the arrow keys to move around the screen. Up arrow key to climb and jump. Spacebar to shoot the gamma ray.

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