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This point and click action game requires fast hands and eyes! help the giant mama bird feed her babies tasty humans, by quickly grabbing and gathering them as they walk onto the screen. Move fast and rack up combos and points. Fight back by flinging the shooting people, or grabbing the cop car and dropping it from the sky. Watch the blue bar at the top of the screen carefully, and make sure the shooting people don't get close to your nest! They are the biggest threat! if they kill all your babies, it's game over! As the levels progress, the amount of people shooting and coming onscreen increases. You must choose to feed your babies to maintain health, but also control the crowd and stop the shooters. Sometimes, you'll need to fling people out of the way instead. Once you reach level ten, you can unlock city mode!


Use the mouse to click and drag the people to your nest. Click, drag and fling (release the left mouse button) to fling them.

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