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In this exciting platform game, it's up to you to defeat the evil Plankton Wizard, and save the fair Princess Pearl! There are four characters to choose from to complete this quest, and each one has their own special abilities. There are two modes of play--1 player, and 2 player mode. 1 player is solo, and 2 player mode means you can have a friend join in on the action! About the Characters: SpongeBob can become temporarily invincible, and isn't injured on levels with spikes. Patrick has a ranged water attack, and can't get hit with lightning. Squidward can freeze enemies with singing, and is also protected from lightning. Sandy can defeat the Dragon-Jellyfish, and spikes cannot harm her. Be aware that some levels have traps at the top and bottom, that may or may not hurt your character--such as spikes and lightning. Move quickly and maneuver your chosen character in and out of the screen before the enemies or the giant jellyfish get you. The object is to move ahead and over them, hitting them on the head as many times as necessary. Some enemies require more than one hit. Each level has it's own amount of enemies to beat. Defeat enemies by landing on their heads. Collect the stars to add points to your score. If you catch extra jellyfish, you'll be able to use the character's special powers, as well as getting 200 points! Once you've completed a level, fight in an arena-like melee to gain extra points and starfish! It's up to you to beat all the enemies and get the Princess back!


Player 1-- Use the arrow keys to navigate, and the Enter key to activate special powers. Player 2-- Use the S E F keys to navigate, and the Space bar to activate special powers.

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