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Make pretty toys on the conveyor belt, in this fast-paced assembly line simulation game! Put the right heads on the bodies, before the toys reach the end of the line. If just one toy head or body makes it to the end, it's game over! Move quickly! Sometimes doll heads come before bodies, and sometimes the bodies come before the head. Keep your eyes wide open and try to assemble them as quickly as possible. You have a certain amount you need to put together, before the level is completed. As the levels progress, the dolls might start to miss arms and legs. You'll have to assemble those, heads, and whatever else before they reach the end of the line. Pay close attention, and make sure the dollies have all their parts, before letting them get to the end of the line! Once you complete a doll, the conveyor arm automatically packs them up. How many can you put together?


Use the mouse to click on the doll heads, and put them on their appropriate bodies.

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