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Complete quests and become a hero, in this exciting and fast-paced side-scrolling fighter game. You'll be on your toes every second of play. You are one of three chosen heroes, taking on quests for kills and treasures galore! Character controls take time to master, since they're combined together. You move and fight at almost the same time. Take advantage of this! Learn when to dodge attacks by releasing the left button. This is the automatic defense mode. To move and attack, hold the same mouse button down. You will also be open to getting hit. Enemies become stronger with each level you go to. Some may take longer to kill, or have shields to block your attacks! Watch your hp, and refuel with in-game potions, or sitting by the fireside. This heals you quickly. You'll have to run back through waves of enemies, however. If you die, you will respawn at the last fireside you were at. Once you get to the end of the level, you will return back to the waiting room, to take on other quests. Use gold earnings to upgrade your character. Sell unwanted items for more gold. As you fight, you will gain experience to level up. Complete all the quests, and become the hero of the land!


Hold the mouse to move and attack. Release the mouse to block.

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