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In this exciting and fun racing game, race on six stages of racing challenges against other big trucks to be the very best. Veer over obstacles, jumps, and all kinds of heart-pumping scenes to make money and show off your cool moves. The race won't be easy, and you must come in at least third place to qualify for the next round. Or else, you will lose and have to start over again. It takes a quick, steady hand to drive the course. You can easily get flipped over while catching air on a ramp. It's important to regain mobility and catch up as quickly as possible to the other cars. There are four levels per six stages. You start off in the novice circuit, and work your way up to the top, which is the Grand Prix! Do you have what it takes to be on top?


Left/right arrow keys or A and S to tilt left or right. Up or W for gas and power. C or N for nitro. X or M to jump.

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