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Ride the rocky, hilly trails on your bike in this energized riding game! Use the magic of physics to navigate the rising and falling terrain of the forest trail as you ride! Do tricks, beat the clock, and make money to buy better bikes and upgrades. Unlock achievements along the way. You are the stickman, and it's your job to make it across fifteen levels of biking action. If you beat the clock before 60 seconds, you get a gold medal and cash for upgrades. The better your time, the better amount of cash you will get. You will encounter hills and jumps requiring you to do more than pedal. Use physics to time jumps and leans to avoid crashing. When you crash, you will either start over, or start at the last checkpoint. Checkpoints are marked by green signs. You can replay as many times as you'd like to beat your time and earn more money! Ride that trail!


Use the arrow keys to navigate the trail. Up key for acceleration. Left key to lean back. Right key to lean forward. Down key for the brakes. Spacebar to jump. R key to reset the level.

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