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Race to the finish for glory, cash, and upgrades in this cool and exciting uphill racing game! Cruise your vehicle of choice to make it to the top! There's two ways to play--Time Trial and Race. Each mode of play has three levels, with three races you must finish before winning the cup. Once you unlock easy mode, you can move on to normal. Once you unlock normal, you can play hard mode. In Timed mode, you're racing against the clock to make it to the finish. On the way, you must ride hills and drops showing off crazy moves and stunts! Grab cash while you ride. The more stunts you do, the higher your score. It all adds up in the end--all your cash can be put towards new outfits and vehicles. In Race Mode--you're racing against other racers to win the golden trophy. Ride quickly and carefully--while slowing down is safe, you won't get to the finish faster. Make sure to lean back or forward when you hit the air, and try not to wipe out. When you wipe out, you lose one of your six lives. Wipe out too many times, and it's game over. If you wipe out, but have passed a checkpoint, you'll respawn at that spot. There are three checkpoints per level. Show off your moves and win the race!


Up arrow key to move forward. Left arrow key to lean back. Right arrow key to lean forward. Space on the bike to do tricks. X on the surfboard to get extra nitro power.

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