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This fast and fun side-scrolling laser shooter game will keep you on your toes, as you shoot waves of spaceships and laser cannons in your way. You are one of two Robot Dinosaurs, and you shoot awesome laser beams every time you roar! Take to the skies with a loud voice as your weapon. Depending on how hard you hold down the mouse button, you'll let out a might laser-charged roar to shoot down your enemies. But be careful, holding down for too long tires your throat out to a weak beam. Dodge and weave your way through the skies to get at the bad guys, conserving energy along the way. Grab rare power-ups when you can. If you get hit, you lose a little dino power. Get hit too many times, and you lose one of your three lives. Lose them all, and it's game over. Survival is simple--dodge when you can, shoot when they're in your face. The same applies to the final boss. Dodge, weave, shoot! Can you make it to the end, with a mighty roar?


Use the mouse to move the dinosaur in the sky. Hold down the left mouse button to shoot the laser.

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