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Go on a quest to help the natives restore peace to their island, in this fun and addictive RPG game. Ward off monsters, reactivate the generators, and become the island hero one quest at a time. Quests can be found at the Mage or Mercenary guilds. To get more quests, level up or complete active quests. You will receive powers and items for each completed quest. Complete quests by collecting items dropped by enemies, or by killing them. Make sure to read quests carefully to find out where you're going, and how much of an item/enemy you need. Your health slowly increases at a slow rare. During your time on the game screen. Move around or wait it out. Make sure you're away from monsters who attack upon sight. If you die, you will go to the game screen to load your last saved place. Some enemies inflict status ailments, so make sure to have plenty of antidotes on hand. Go to the general store to buy potions, antidotes, and more. Use pets to help in the fight against other creatures. If its health is all gone, you cannot bring it back. You can return to the main part of the island to stay in the inn, to recover you and your pet's health. You can also use wildberries dropped after fights to replenish a pet's health. To replace a monster, collect and hatch an egg at the Pet Shelter. If you both win a fight, you will gain experience points, which increases your overall stats. The higher your stats, the heavier the damage you cause to monsters. When you get enough gold, make sure to go to the Blacksmith to armor up for more difficult fights and monsters. Can you bring peace back to the quiet little island?


Use the arrow keys or W A S D to move around. Use the mouse to select and attack enemies, to pick up items on the game screen.

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