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Create the ultimate robot, in this fun and exciting fighting game! Use attributes to make the greater robot fighter. Get credits to upgrade it to become the best robot fighter ever. Buy the best armor and defenses to be the champion fighter! There's three levels of play--easy, normal, and hard. Easy level is best for beginners. It's a good way to learn the ropes about fighting and upgrades. Normal is regular mode, and the robots are a bit tougher. Hard mode is the ultimate, and the robots are no walk in the park. They lay down the most damage in fights. As you get stronger, your chances of getting hit decrease, but your ability to hit others decreases, depending on the type of robot opponent. Strength, increases, depending on how you spend attribute points, and what armor you put on your robot. Come with a strategy, and remember which moves pack the most punch. The idea is to knock out the other robot as quickly as possible! The more protected you are, the harder it will be for them to knock you out. If you get damaged heavily, you can choose to repair yourself. You get five repair kits per match. So does the opponent. How long can you stay in the battle? Put up your robot arms and find out!


Use the mouse to choose parts in the shop, and fighting options in the game.

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