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Dive deep into the world of the RPG quest, in this simple and fun Role-Playing Game. Slay enemies to find the broken pieces of the Heartstone. The six buttons on the bottom right hand side help you in the game. The ones on the left indicate equipped abilities. On the right, you can check out your character and equip items on the blue button. The green button is a map. The orange button is a list of current abilities. You can switch them from this box. The purple button shows your quests. The teal button shows your standings with each faction, and the red button is for settings. Approach people in the game by simply coming up to them. Special people in the game are indicated with colors under them. They are: Inkeeper--to save the game. Skill Trainer--trains your skills by class. You must find a trainer who will train your particular character. When you level up, find a trainer in any town who's available to your class to learn new abilities. Merchant--purchase items. Use gold from battles to spend in merchant shops. Buy armor and health/energy potions. Quest Giver--provides quests. To be able to get quests, you must work on your reputation. The better your reputation, the more quests you can go on. (Yellow circle means there is a quest available. Black circle means you're on the quest. Green means it's ready to be turned in.) Factions: Choose a side to fight on, earning respective incentives for deciding to join. Each faction has its own enemies: --The Alliance fights The Runners. --Merchant's Guide fights Mercenaries. --Magicians, Trackers, and Blademasters are all against each other. You will embark on quests to attack the enemy in specific numbers, and more. Mind your health and energy as you fight. Enemies will relentlessly fire back and chase you on-screen. Sometimes it's just one, sometimes it's a crowd. Save your game whenever you can. It is saved locally, so you can only save it on one computer. It's best to always save before a fight or going on/during a quest. That way, if you die, you won't have to start all over again. Conquer the quests, find the broken pieces!


W A S D and arrow keys to move. Click to attack/manage your inventory.

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