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This high-speed platform puzzle game requires a fast hand and a lightning-speed mind to accomplish cool parkour moves before the clock runs out. Race against the clock and show off your moves by running, jumping and, sliding to the finish line! Beginning levels teach you the ropes, and almost every level has tips onscreen for you to follow. You must learn and use them quickly to move on to the next level. BE CAREFUL--you're made out of ink, and this is a paper world. If you hit a surface too fast, you'll have to start over! Watch your speed meter, and SLOW DOWN before it happens. Tip: Master the wall scale! Learning how to scale walls quickly will save you a lot of time per level. To scale a wall, approach it at high speed, then quickly tap the space bar to get to the top. DO NOT let go. Level goals are marked with an "X" and "Here!" in red. Beat the clock by the level's designated time, and you will get an A+. Beat the level without the clock running out, and you get a check. Show off your parkour moves and beat your best times!


Run - A/D or left/right arrow keys Jump/Walljump - Space Hold on to wall - W or up arrow key Slide when running - S or down arrow key Roll when landing - S or down arrow key R - Restart M - Mute P or Esc - Pause

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