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Steal smoochies from your school sweetheart, in this cute and fun action click game. Kiss your sweetie when the teacher and everyone else isn't looking. You've got a couple of seconds to do it before the yellow caution triangle pops up. As SOON as you see it, STOP! Each level has it's own brand of difficulty. As you progress, you'll have to ward off nosy neighbors, female competition, and a creepy guy at the door. use the buttons under the girl to ward them off. Remember, kiss as often as possible. Do it quickly. If you get caught, you lose a life. Lose all your lives, and it's game over! Note: Sometimes the teacher will also ask math questions. You don't get penalized for not knowing the answers, but it's just an extra part to the game. Happy kissing!


Use the mouse to kiss your sweetie, and ward off everyone else.

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