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This exciting and heart-racing side-scrolling adventure fighting game is full of action and gore! You are the brave warrior Achilles, and you're fighting waves of enemies for the Greek Army! There are two modes of play--normal and survival mode. In normal mode, you're hacking away at small waves of enemy soildiers with swords, spears, and arrows. You must dodge their attacks quickly, and swing your weapons without mercy. Each level has specific number of enemies you must kill before you can pass. You have 3 lives, and losing one doesn't mean you have to start over. Once you lose the life, you will start in the last place you were standing. However, if you lose ALL of them, it's game over. In survival mode, it's almost the same as normal mode. However, you have one life, and you're fighting to the death to get as many kills as possible. To open up other levels in this mode, you must finish certain chapters. Tips: You can use the decapitated heads of your enemies to knock back living soldiers. Make sure to do this as soon as the prompt comes on the screen. Try to dodge archers as soon as you see them. Time your jumps at the second you see them prepping their arrows. The same applies for spear-throwing soldiers. Achievements: This game has 13 achievements to attempt. You can win them in normal or survival mode. Read their requirements to see what you need to do. Fight for the Greek Army! Put fear in the heart of your enemies, and come out on top!


WAD to move. S to block. K to attack. S to kick.

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