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This fast and furious platform shooter game will keep you on your toes, as you play through two modes of play (story or survival) to get all the kills and points possible. In this third installment of Unreal Flash, you can customize teams, modes, maps, and more. Your objective--stay alive. Story mode--Story mode has requirements per level. Each one is different. Sometimes you'll have to kill a certain amount of enemies. Other times, you'll have to retrieve flags and other things. Watch your health meter. When you die, you simply respawn. The idea is to NOT die, however. Dodge, move quickly. Shoot and don't hesitate. First team to reach the level goal wins. Free mode has four kinds of play--the death-match, flag capture, instagib, and king of the hill. Death-match is the classic melee. Last one standing wins. Capture the flag is all about capturing the most flags. Instagib is about getting the most kills. Finally, king of the hill is about last man standing, but with a twist--last person to change the color is the one who wins. [You have the ability to customize free mode from the amount of team-mates, to how hard or easy the game is.] Medals: Unlock 21 different medals by doing things in the game such as multiple kills and finishing the game in story mode. Show off your shooting skills, and stay alive!


A to go left. D to go right. S to duck. W to jump. Q for quick switch. Spacebar for secondary fire. P to pause the game.

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