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Shoot first, ask questions later in this top-view thriller shooter game, set in the the darkness of space. You are an investigator, trying to get rid of swarms of alien projects gone wrong. Kill all the aliens, and destroy the hive! You are exploring the ship ti find and kill them all. You are armed with several weapons--some stronger than others, and some with greater range. The best strategy is to shoot and move. Aliens are relentless and will follow you to attack. Crowds will swarm you. When this happens, drop any mines available. Some aliens are bulletproof, and need to be exploded instead. Aliens are biters, but you can heal yourself at stations with a red cross. Your game is autosaved. If you run out of HP or close your browser, just click "continue" on the game screen. Find all the aliens, discover what happened, and bring justice back to space!


W A S D or arrow to move Mouse to turn. Left mouse button to shoot. 1-4 to switch weapons. E to drop mines. Shift+ left mouse to launch grenade. Space--action M--map F--toggle flashlight H-camera P to pause

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