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Get ready to fight and race, in this wild and crazy race and shooter game. Jump, shoot, and zip your way from station to station, getting rid of the bad guys on your trail. Enemies are relentless, and continue to shoot you in pairs and in singles in their own vehicles. Try to shift between shooting front to back when you are surrounded. Concentrate on the strongest enemies first. Try to get in front of all the cars, and shoot from behind.If your car gets destroyed in battle, you can purchase a new one if you have enough money. You can also use this time to upgrade speed, health, firepower, and more. Collect gas, repair kits, and money along the way. The gas and health are the most important--it keeps you in the game. If you collect enough money on the levels, you can also play the special extras. Can you survive the streets of Dead Paradise? Complete the missions and achievements to find out!


Up/Down = Forward/Back, Right/Left = Balance, X/Z = Turn gun Forward/Back, Space = Rocket.

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