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Protect the Spider Queen at all costs, in this interesting, turn-based RPG game. You have two modes of play, and two objectives to satisfy. In campaign mode, you must protect the Spider Queen and destroy the enemy base. In Skirmish mode, you're fighting the enemy to survive, while also protecting the Queen and destroying the base. The only difference--you're able to choose the size of your army. Don't just toss spiders out into the fight. Determine which ones you'd like to have to protect the queen, and which ones you'd like to go out into battle. You can change these settings by clicking on a particular spider, or using power command to change all at once. Remember to re-spawn lost spiders, update their stats, and watch where the enemy is headed. If the fight is too slow, you can always speed it up, which costs one Psi Point (the blue bars.). If you fail, you can replay to try again. Protect the Queen at all costs!


Use the mouse to upgrade spiders, send them out to battle, and begin the fight.

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