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It's a battle between warlords for the desired title of emperor, in this fun and intense role-playing defense game. The object is to defeat the enemy's ruler-general. If your general is defeated, you lose. You must choose slots for the generals and soldiers on your team, as well as what kind of actions you would like them to take during the battle. You can summon up to three different officers per battle. Once they are defeated, you cannot call them back to fight. You can, however, summon army units to help you fight alongside the generals. To raise an army, you must have support buildings. If buildings are destroyed, you can repair them. This is a game of tactics, so you have to decide how you'd like to attack the enemy. The best offense is a defense. Make sure that you have plenty of defenses to take on the waves of enemies coming for you. Let THEM come to YOU first. Once you win the battle, you can continue on the map, or upgrade. Upgrade your character by spending gold earned to make him a strong warrior. Unlock eight achievements by doing things such as collecting coins and playing as all the characters. Will you become the emperor, or fall at the hands of your enemies?


Use the mouse to click options, place buildings, and upgrade in the game.

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