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Stop waves of greedy creatures from taking the gems of the grove, in this fun and challenging enemy wave game! Set up your defenders to stop the crowds of bad guys. Strategically set up force fields of protectors to beat 'em up, slow 'em down, and show them who's the boss!! The best offense is a defense, so make sure to put lots of strong players at the front of the line. As you progress, waves become stronger and more difficult to beat. If you do fail, you can always replay a level. Try to upgrade defense units as quickly as possible. Use the knowledge mushroom to give them stronger upgrades to annihilate harder monsters. There will be hotkey elements you can use to cause certain effects to happen to enemies--such as fire or ice. Use them once per level. Once you have beaten a level, you can replay as many times as you'd like to get a higher jewel rating. Use the jewels you've earned to strengthen the skills of your defensive forces. Try to get all the awards to unlock a final level! Knock back those bad guys, and save the grove!


Space to Speed up levels. ESC to pause. Enter to start waves earlier. 5 for fire 2 for ice 3 for defender rush 6 for slow motion

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