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Show off your awesome fighting moves, in this heart-pumping and exciting fighting game! Play classic single-player, or two-player mode! Before you play, watch the tutorial to learn how to move, then pump up your player with available points. You start out with two characters, but as you win matches, you can unlock new ones to play with. There are three modes to play--challenge, survival, and tutorial. Challenge mode is the basic fighting mode. Survival is a free-for-all with lots of characters coming after you to see how long you'll last in a fight. For beginners, it's best to play tutorial mode to understand the controls. To make combos, you must move quickly and press a movement key and one of the fighting keys at the same time. Do not hesitate, and try to doge your opponent's attack! Every won match gives you experience points. You level up, and are given status points to make your character stronger. You also unlock new characters! Good luck, and show them your moves!


Use the W, A,S,D keys to move. Use J,K, L, U,I,O keys to fight Player two uses the arrow keys and numbers 1-6.

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