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Get your Jeep home before midnight, in this action-packed driving game. Avoid hitting pedestrians, cop cars, and watch other cars on the crossroad! Technically, you CAN crush other cars to get ahead, but you SHOULDN'T. If you go too fast while approaching them, your car may turn over and you'll crash. Once you crash, you'll have to start over from the beginning. If you pass, you'll go on to the next level! Dive carefully, but quickly. You're being timed from the moment you leave! As levels progress, the danger increases. If you hit pedestrians, you have to start over. The same applies for police cars. Hit the brakes when you see them! Watch the signs in the upper left hand side--they usually tell you what's coming up next. The levels get crazier as you progress, and you'll have to drive carefully to get through certain ones, so you won't lose time by crashing. Can you get home in time?


Up arrow key to accelerate. Down arrow key to decelerate. Left, right arrow keys to lean the jeep.

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