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Play as Gandalf in this fun and beautiful RPG. Battle futuristic enemies with only the powers of magic and brute force. A wide range of spells coupled with exciting animations and an epic soundtrack set the stage for hours of game play. Spells like Bomb, Cure, and Doom are at your disposal. Modify your stats and change your weapons as you advance in the game. Strategy and tactics are key.


This is a role playing game where you have to fight and defeat your enemies with your sword and the magical staff. There are different locations in the game you can chose from like the Shire, Moria Mines, Fangorn Forest, Minas Morgul and the Plains of Mordor. You can attack your enemy with your sword and also using your magical staff. You have to plan strategically to perish your enemy and save your life. Select your option from the list of actions shown on the screen using the Space Bar.

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