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This fast and furious action shooting game will keep you on your toes, as you Defend your money tree from the greedy sky and ground ghosts. You're armed with a basic handgun in the beginning, but you can upgrade later when you make a little more money. Collect rings to go into windfall mode. Windfall mode makes monsters drop double money. Collect three rings in the game to activate. To beat the game, you must fill up the kill meter at the bottom of the screen. You must also complete all current tasks, and upgrade your tree. You can buy turrets at any time. Upgrades for weapons are accessed with the spacebar. Your next gun upgrade is noted at the upper right hand corner of the game screen. Your health bar is tat the top of the screen. You must watch out and move around to keep it intact. If you die, the game is over, and you must start all over again. How far can you get? Try and beat the game!


WASD to move Mouse to aim and shoot. Hold down left button for constant fire. P to pause E to access shop (Pause Menu has a suicide button if needed)

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