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Head to the skies in this sweet and fun flying game. You are a mouse in a rocket, and your mission is to avoid enemies and get all the cheese stars. The stars you collect help you upgrade your ship. Upgrades help you last longer, move faster, and get more stars with each mission. Try to avoid the rocks, rockets, and death ships. Once you hit them, you will either lose a life, or it's game over. You'll restart, but still have the previous stars you collected. As you go higher in the sky, things get a little faster, and the enemy rockets start to come faster and sooner. You're given warning before they come, so try to move out of the way ahead of time. For rocks, they're placed randomly in the sky. As soon as you see them, move out of the way! Can you make it into space? Collect the cheese stars to blast off into the cosmos!


Mouse to move the ship and upgrade in the star shop.

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