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There's three modes of play in this thrilling and heart-pounding shooter game! Choose to play by yourself, or with a partner. In single play mode, you're on your own against waves of zombies and devils in 10+ different levels of shoot 'em up fun! In cooperative mode, you're teaming up with another player to fight off the bad guys side by side. In death match, it's a fight to the finish! Last guy standing wins! Each level of play has red boxes with upgraded weapons. To use them, press the corresponding number to switch out. Always be on your toes! Zombies come at full force, slowly. Make sure to create an empty space so you can run and shoot at the same time. Never corner yourself. Prepare to fight harder when the Devil shows up. He has fire blasters that kill the zombies, but also kill YOU too. If you die, you must restart. Watch your health bar carefully. Too many hits will knock you out quickly. Load up and show those zombies who's boss!


Movement: Player 1:Arrow Keys Player 2:W, A, S, D Keys Shoot: Player 1 (Single Player): Space Key Player 1 (Multi Player): / Key Player 2: Space key Changing Weapons: Single Player: Number Keys 0-9 Player 1 (Multi Player): . and , Keys Player 2: Q and E Keys P key to Pause

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