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In this fast-paced point and click shooting game, you have only one objective--KILL THE ZOMBIES. There are eight levels to choose from, with mini-levels full of waves of zombies and red boxhead men out to get you! The first wave's always easy, but the rest are tougher. Don't let the zombies corner you! Always leave enough room to move away from them when they get too close to you. Zombies require a few shots to kill. Boxheads require multiple shots, and can shoot back! Their fireballs can also kill off zombies! When you pass certain levels, you get upgrades on weaponry. Choose your weapons by their designated number. There are four levels of play-- Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and Nightmare. Beginner is the easiest level, and the zombies don't move as fast. Nightmare level has the fastest zombies, and is recommended only for seasoned players! Watch your health bar! If you die, it's game over. You can always retry the level, or click "play again" to try a different level and difficulty. When you're done, submit your score! How many zombies can you kill?


Use the arrow keys to move. Use space to fire. Equip weapons with numbers 0-9. P pauses the game.

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