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Shoot the gross zombies, in this creepy shooter defense game. There are three modes of play--Defense, Survival, and Experimental. Survival mode: Maintain a balance between protecting the base and yourself. You cannot abandon the base to simply shoot zombies, and you can't just stand in front of the base, forgetting about yourself. Use the ability to move to cover more ground. Once your health or the base health is depleted, the game is over. You can submit your score, or play again. If you make it past the night/level, you can upgrade weapons, heal yourself, and repair the base. To choose weapons you've purchased, scroll with the mouse wheel. To reload ahead of time, Press the 0 key. Survival mode: A slightly different twist on Defense mode. Same properties of defense and move, but with more monsters in the beginning. You must be on your toes at all times. The monsters come in relentless hoards, and will finish you off quickly. Experimental mode: You control the spawn rate, and how many zombies can appear at a time on the screen. You have all the guns available in the game, and you cannot die if you're attacked. How many waves of zombies can you survive?


AWSD or Arrow Keys to Move Mouse is used for Aiming and Shooting P key pauses the Game Mouse wheel or E/Q to change weapons R or Num 0 is for reloading

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