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Arkanoid is back! Re-live some classic arcade action, updated to HTML5! Take control of the Vaus and destroy all of the blocks to advance! Avoid or Destroy the Obstacles!! Konerds Pyradoks Tri-Spheres Opopos Obstacles are worth 100 Pts. Each! Destroy the Space Walls to Score!!! White = 50 pts. Orange = 60 pts. Light Blue = 70 pts. Green = 80 pts. Red = 90 pts. Dark Blue = 100 pts. Light Orange = 110 pts. Yellow = 120 pts. Gold = Indestructible! Grey = 50 pts. Times the Number of the Round Multiple Hits Required to Destroy These Walls. 2 Hits - Rounds 1 Thru 8 3 Hits - Rounds 9 Thru 16 4 Hits - Rounds 17 Thru 24 5 Hits - Round 25 Thru 32 Catch The Power Capsules To Reinforce the Vaus!! S = Slow - Orange (Slows Down The Energy Ball) C = Catch - Green (Catches The Energy Ball) E = Expand - Dark Blue (Expands The Vaus) D = Disruption - Light Blue (Splits The Energy Ball Into Three) L = Laser - Red (Enables the Vaus To Fire Laser Beams) B = Break - Purple (Allows The Player To Break Into The Next Level) P = Paddle - Grey (Gives The Player An Extra Vaus!) Power Capsules Are Worth 1000 Pts Each!!


Use mouse to move paddle and rebound ball.

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