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Protect the precious jewels of the cave, in this fun and fast tower defense game. Build structures of three kinds to stop the enemy from getting the treasures. The three kinds of structures are Den, Crypt, and Temple. The Den can only be built on grass tile. Crypt can only be built on snow tile. Temple can only be built on a rock tile. Upgrade them as soon as it as available. It helps you make more money when you defeat enemies, as well as stopping them from getting all the cave jewels. If enemies touch the jewels, you still have a chance to stop them from escaping. This lowers your rating from Brilliant to Excellent. The more jewels you lose, the lower your score. Lose all the jewels, and you must replay the level. Enemies are peasants, rogues, warriors, ninjas, bards, and knights. Rogues run fast, warriors are slow. Ninjas become invisible for five seconds. Knights have a shield to protect from some attacks. Bards move a little faster. Some enemies are the same, only bigger and with more strength. Others might be slower or faster. Set up defenses to hold them all back, and to stop them in their tracks BEFORE they find a way to the jewels. Use spells to cut away different terrain obstacles. Once cleared, you can add more defense structures to the area. When available, place on mana sprouts to regain spell energy. Once you gain enough EXP point, you will be able to upgrade in the skills menu on the main screen. Aim for Brilliant or Excellent on each level. Protect the jewels!


Mouse to create, sell, or upgrade towers and cast spells. Hold shift key with mouse to build multiple towers or cast mult. spells. P to Pause Hotkeys: 1-3 for the respective towers. Q to chop down parts of the the terrain. W to increase fire rate of towers. E: for Meteor shower.

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